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5 Years Warranty

Because we have every confidence in the quality that we offer - we are delighted to declare that the furniture and decorative items you choose to purchase from Kler are warranted for as long as 60 months. Our warranty covers the craftsmanship and the quality of the materials used. In particular: a five-year warranty pertains to the wooden and metal frame structure of upholstered furniture (excluding built-in beds), whereas a two-year warranty covers the remaining components and materials of these furniture, followed by that of a built-in bed on metal frame and electric drives of the extendable elements. ×


24h Service

We provide you with an efficient warranty and post-warranty service. Warranty service grants you the assurance that a given piece of furniture will be transferred to the depot free-of-charge, where all of its faults will be eliminated. Performing maintenance and repair services at the Company's depot guarantees a truly professional level of services and ensures proper control over the quality and timeliness of repairs. The Company provides professional assistance also in the post-warranty period. ×


Transport gratis

We guarantee free delivery of purchased furniture throughout Poland. Transportation of the goods to the designated place is conducted quickly, efficiently and within a time frame previously agreed with you. ×


Interior Design

Each of our show rooms and stores provides an interior design consultancy service. Our consultants are equipped with special software that allows to visualise the selected furniture in any given interior while pursuing further virtual exploration and adjustments. Consultations in the field of design and interior arrangement offered at Kler showrooms and stores are fully complimentary. ×


Free door-step delivery

We offer the service of free-of-charge setting of the furniture in a desired location inside your apartment or family home. This is regardless of whether you happen to reside on the ground floor of a detached house, in a townhouse attic or on the very top floor of a skyscraper. ×


Free Installation

Our drivers-assembly technicians will unpack your piece of furniture, they will set in the desired location, and, finally, they will show you how to use any additional featuresthat the given piece of furniture might have. They will also perform its professional installation or fitting, which is particularly essential in the case of some more complex chests of drawers or hanging cabinetry. And all in accordance with the arrangements and without any additional fees or surcharges. ×

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