Atelier - Kler

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Piotr Kler Atelier is Piotr Kler's master studio - a place where the dreams of investors and designers come true.

The studio processes orders which are truly unique, unprecedented
and unconventional. It develops original designs, elaborated
as single items which are specifically tailored to meet the needs of a special and unusual place.
They constitute bespoke projects in the full meaning of the word.

Kler Atelier also develops its own design furniture – - produced in modest-sized batches
and limited editions which differ vastly from the catalogue pieces.

„I always try to design interiors as if they were a tailored suit.
Bespoke. Fitting like a second skin. 100op quality.
These are the interiors - these are the furniture - that I have been tailoring for the last 40 years”.

– P. Kler