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Comprehensive Investment Management

The Kler Company manufactures not only bespoke furniture, but also complete interiors. We not only offer furniture, but so much more - complete furnishings for hotel rooms, apartments, reception and lobby areas, bars, restaurants, conference rooms, spa & wellness centres and even yachts!

From small to grand designs - from standard surfaces to definitely unique interiors. We recommend our own solutions - from the initial design to our trademark finish. We organise the entire process or any of its stages. We also manage the implementation of concepts developed by other designers, including the most demanding ones. Furthermore, we offer supervision over the execution of their projects, performed competently by the best specialists in the field of interior and building design.

40 years of market experience of the Kler Company is a capital which can pay off its dividends to you as well.

e-mail: contract@kler.eu
tel. +48 34 3529 111